Looking 4 Love

Created by British Eye Film & Television for the BBC.

A half hour programme featuring relationships on the Internet, broadcast on a Saturday night BBC Television.

Caroline was interviewed by Dan Mallard, quizzing her about the kind of problems she received on the net, while greedily helping himself to tea and biscuits.

After completing the interview Dan turned to the camera and said: ‘Caroline, nice girl, nice biscuits!’… I wonder what he meant!

“It was strange being interviewed in my own home. Lighting and camera crew, director, go-for, Dan and me filming in different rooms like it was a studio set. We spent most of the time laughing and joking. It was a brilliant day and the end broadcast was worth the effort everyone put in. I made some new friends and learned probably the most important lesson of my working career: ‘Make sure there’s plenty of biscuits in the house’  You’d have thought that Dan hadn’t eaten for a month… and he’s a sloppy dunker lol.”

Caroline is now a successful voiceover artist in the uk