Corporate Video and Voiceovers

Corporate videos and the modern business.

It’s hard to escape the masses of videos on the Internet, They make us laugh and make us cry, the more we see the more we want to see. Corporate video can strengthen your brand and help your business grow?

An important part of the video process: Professional voiceover artists. They deliver engaging voiceovers that help to sell/promote your video. They add flavour, life and richness to scripts that only professionals can.

Types of corporate video:

Training Video
Sales Promotion

Brand Awareness

Marketing Virals

Training Video: Building a library of training videos for your company has many advantages. The content is scripted and approved by key personnel before production so that when the video is produced, the company message remains consistent.

Staff are given access to watch the videos at a time that is convenient to them. And no matter who watches the video, the training is exactly the same. Sometimes individual trainers can miss bits of information out of the presentation and/or put their own slant on the information. Video is a fixed asset and everyone has the benefit of consistent training, time and time again. They can be used as a way to get information to salespeople out in the field.

Sales Promotion/Brand Awareness: Videos can be placed on a loop in a reception, exhibition, showroom or shop to educate and promote the product to people watching. It could make the difference between selling your product, over competitors. They can be enclosed with pitch documents when you are trying to win new business.

Marketing Virals:

New opportunities with social media and the chance to reach new customers in ways you never thought possible.

More detail below

The Process
A script and storyboard will be created for client approval. Once approved, a production company will film/animate your video and the voiceover will be recorded by a UK male or female voiceover artist. Post-production staff using Final Cut Pro software will edit the video to the required length with the voiceover and background music along with any special effects or graphics as per the brief. ‘Simples’.

The Viral Video
Virals are videos that capture the imagination of the general public. And like a disease they spread like wildfire to millions of people all over the world. A viral can be something as simple as a baby biting a sibling’s finger ‘Like and Share’ with friends and a billion views later!

Sharing video has become part of everyday life. It’s so easy for user can upload videos, in many cases directly from their mobile phone and share them with the world.

The Business Viral
Creating a viral to promote a business takes creativity, imagination and vision. What do you think of this  a simple idea with over 112 million views and still going strong. If you had to create a viral for your company, what creative would you use? Did you know… YouTube has over 1 Billion users per month and that’s amazing..


Social Media and Marketing your product
Facebook and Twitter have taken over the world in another way. People eat breakfast and share that they had sausage and eggs, and that they have a cold, literally anything goes. While a video may originate on YouTube it could be shared on social media and quickly spread, a bit like Pyramid selling, 1 becomes 2, becomes 4, and becomes 8 and infinitum.

Hosting Videos for Budiness Websites
You can host the video on your own website or on one of the many video hosting companies available including; Vzaar, Vimeo and YouTube. Personally, I would go for the later because they make sure videos are streamed at optimum speed and as technology changes they are on top of any compatibility issues.  They also fit seamlessly into your website by embedding a tiny bit of code .