Telephony Prompts Kit

for on hold messages and IVR
(interactive voice response) systems.

The on hold messages and IVR prompts kit has been created to satisfy the needs of businesses that require a cost effective solution to their telephone system.

The prompts kit gives you the flexibility to minipulate and adapt the audio files to suit your individual needs.

Choose the right telephone promps kit for you…

Telephone prompts kit booklet

For the complete description of all on hold prompts-
recordings please click HERE (opens a PDF file)

Kit 1

The On Hold

Containing 52 recordings

Price £12


Kit 2

The On Hold ‘Plus’ 

Containing 160 recordings

Price £24


Kit 3

The On Hold Complete

Containing 389 recordings

Price £36

chart telephone- prompts kit


Once we recieve your order, you will be directed to a link so you can download the WAV audio files.

We can create personalised individual bespoke on hold messages, please

click here for details


If required, Royalty Free background music can be obtained from IB Audio
Should you require audio software to mix your prompts together we recommend ‘Audacity’ it’s FREE and works on both Mac and PC, click here for more details and to download