Radio Station Commercials & Imaging

Caroline’s voiceover talent can be heard on commercial radio stations all over the world.

Known by her customers as ‘One Take Caroline’ she has gained a reputation for delivering top quality voiceovers for retail stores where it calls for passion and enthusiasm, to The Samaritans where empathy and understanding is required to get the message across. In both cases Caroline has to ‘Sell’ to the customer, her voice has to be clear, articulate and most importantly ‘Engaging’. The listener has to be engaged by the commercial and motivated to take action, whether that means buying a product or getting help.

Caroline works across the full range of radio imaging: Commercials, indents, tags, sweepers, jingles, intros, fluffs, continuity announcements, public announcements, events etc. including presenting her own radio show.

Caroline has also been a guest on local BBC and independent radio stations, giving her advice as a life-coach to listeners.

If you are searching for a female voiceover talent that can engage the customer by delivering your message for both Radio and TV (commercials and imaging) then get in touch today for a quality voiceover and that all important personal touch.

Pricing: Caroline Beverley is an Equity member and minimum equity rates apply. If your voiceover project has a particular budget to work to, then please advise.