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We are happy to supply you with an individual quotation on sight of your script and project details… So if you have a project in mind, please do get in touch for an individual quotation.

If you have a particular budget to work with then please advise.

Great prices and quality service means you get the professional voiceover you deserve.

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Payment details

New customers: A deposit maybe required with your first order with balance payable on delivery of voiceover/invoice unless other arrangements have been made with CMB Voiceovers.

BACS payment (bank transfer payment) is preferred, but you have the option of paying via debit/credit card through PayPal or directly from your PayPal account. Full details will be supplied once you have placed your order.

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All major credits cards via PayPal

Here are just some of the many medias CMB voiceovers produces work for…

radio commercial voiceover

Radio Imaging
From commercials and show intros to the news and weather, what better way of delivering the message to your listeners than and enthusiastic, passionate and welcoming voice.

website voiceover rate card

(welcome message, tutorial, flash etc)
Bring your website to life with professional voiceovers. Audio has been proven keep people on your site and encourage sales. Increase sales with creative audio and leave the competition speechless!

movie trailer voiceover rate- card

Movie Trailer
A picture paints a thousand words and gives you a taste of the movie. Adding a few choice words can make the difference between cinema goers watching your film or the competitions.

TV voiceover rate card

Broadcast TV
You’ld be amazed the difference in sales a professional voiceover can make to a TV ad. It’s all about grabbing the audiences attention and delivering the message.

Broadcast & Non-Broadcast (Animation, cartoon, video game etc

corporate video voiceover rate card

(Industrial, Training Video etc)

Generate new business with a corporate video that stands out from the rest of the crowd with a professional voiceover from CMB Voiceovers.

scripts voiceover rate card

Audio Books
When it comes to the spoken word, CMB turn books and articles into breathtaking audio. Keeping internet marketeers and book authors at the top of their game with the enhancement of professional audio.

telephony ear voiceover rate card

Telephony (on hold messages, menu prompts etc)
First impressions are so important. A professional voice over on your telephone message creates the right image for your company.

Special Telephony Rates and Information click here

education learning training voiceover-rate card

Education (e-learning, training etc)
Getting your message across is vitally important in making sure your target audience listens to what you have to say! A crystal clear vocal makes such a difference to the speed of comprehension by the listener.