Corporate Audio Voiceovers

Clear engaging voiceovers to promote, train, inform and sell

Having the right voiceover for your project is vitally important. It can make the difference between winning and losing business. The audience has to be turned on by what they are hearing. You expect the best from the voiceover talent and this is why Caroline prides herself with an uncompromising passion for delivering outstanding voiceovers for both quality and professionalism again and again.

  • Promotional Videos

  • Training Videos

  • Websites and Website Audio

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Sales Presentations and Bids

So many different ways to get your company noticed. Each one serves a purpose and each one generates a strategic marketing value to the way your business is perceived by others and to its overall success.


• How do you want your customers and clients to see you?
• What do they think of you?
• Do they even know you exist?

Choosing the right marketing strategy is vitally important to a successful campaign. And this is the same whether it is a website selling your goods and services or a training video to educate your staff on new products and services that you offer. A well-trained member of staff is an asset to any company. If they know everything there is to know about a product or service that you offer, then they will be seen by you customers and clients as a professional member of staff and will rely on the information they give as been accurate and beneficial, giving them confidence in your products and encourage them to buy.

Training videos give people the opportunity to learn at their own pace. You know that the information delivered will be consistent and a video never has tiered or fed-up days where they may not give it their all.

Caroline Beverley at CMB Voiceovers is the right voiceover talent to delivery your message.
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Corporate audio voice over

PowerPoint Presentations, Sales Presentations and Bids

How many times do you practice a pitch to make sure the timings right and the message is clear, informative, exciting and presses all the right buttons… please don’t say once!

When writing a script for a presentation, every word, every pause, every breath you take has to perfect. You have to make sure there is no doubt in the mind of your audience that you have what they want. Even if it’s more sand to an Arab!

Use a professional voiceover talent for parts of your presentation. This gives you chance to take a breath and adds an extra dynamic to the pitch. OK, so you have delivered the best presentation ever but the deal is not closed, you are simply one of a few that are all pitching for the same work. How do they remember you? What makes you special? If it comes to a close call between you and another company to who gets the business. You’re overall performance, delivery, content and material is taken into account.

Do you leave them with a hard copy on CD/DVD of your presentation? Do your customers have time to read the presentation on screen? Do they want to? Or would it be amazing to leave your customer with a CD/DVD that they can play on their computer as a full rolling PowerPoint presentation with a professional voiceover delivering your presentation in full, word perfect, engaging, and endorsing your pitch. If you’re thinking this will impress the client, then you are absolutely right. It could make all the difference between closing the deal and walking away, it’s that simple!

Whatever direction and media platform you chose to deliver your marketing strategy. Make sure you chose the right multi-media company to produce the video and the right voiceover artist to deliver your message.

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