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On Hold Message Samples and Pricing

Use the MP3 Player below to listen to sample on hold messages and royalty free background music for you to choose from.

When placing your order please quote the name of the background music required. If you’re not sure we can choose the music for you.

Only £110 up to 6 prompts

Price includes basic studio fee and voiceover
(additional prompts charged at £10 each)

All prices quoted are for dry reads.
The royalty free background music if required
with voiceover is included free of charge.

• No Monthly Fees  • No Contracts just pay for the
on hold messages as and when you need them ‘Simple’.


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A Guide to On Hold Messages

Having a successful business often means that at some point you have to put your client on hold; however, this is a good opportunity to show them how professional your company is. This may be the only chance you have to do business with them so you have to make sure their on hold experience is just right, and it is worth while investing a little time fine tuning your script to make sure every word counts.

The on hold background music and messages have to engage the caller, to put them at ease and defuse potential frustration. Make this an opportunity to educate them about your company, products and services. Give them the first impression of your company that you want them to have (How would you like to be greeted?).

Your Script

Firstly, tell the caller where they are and thank them for calling. “Thank you for calling (Your Company Name), please hold, an advisor will be with you shortly” is always a good start.

Try not to confuse them with all your information at the start of your script, keep it segmented and concise. If you have 6 pieces of information to communicate, provide 6 short paragraphs and spread evenly over your chosen music. Small segments of information work better with music and are more effective.

After the initial greeting, make the first couple of on hold messages the most sticking. These should of interest to the caller to encourage them to stay on the line.

For example, if your company has a special offer, a free give-away or forthcoming event etc. make sure that this information is communicated early in your script.

You may say something like…

‘Thank you for holding, please ask our advisor about our Free Mobile Phone offer’

You know why your customers/clients call your company so you know what interests them. Offer them an incentive for their patience, discounts, free gifts, and next week’s lottery numbers! It’s your company; you decide what works best for you.

Be proud of your company and don’t be frightened of showing off, it will help build your brand by giving the caller confidence in knowing they are dealing with a professional company by supplying them with relevant information. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Do you support any charitable organisations?
  • Do you have an exhibition coming up?
  • Do you have a website?
  • What is your USP, what makes you different to your competition?
  • Have you won any awards?

I’m sure you’re starting to get the picture!

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telephone on hold message
on hold voice Marks and Spencer


You may wish to update your offers on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis; again it’s what works best for you. If you have frequent callers, they will become bored with the same repeated message so it is important to refresh them at chosen intervals

Continued On Hold (what seems like forever to your caller)

If your caller is on hold for more than a couple of minutes they need to be reassured that they are still on hold and not just lost in the ethos somewhere. Reassure them by saying: ‘ Thank you for holding, your call is important to us, an advisor will be with you shortly.’

Rather than prolonged on hold, your caller may prefer alternatives so offer them options:

‘Thank you for your patience, please continue to hold and we will be with you shortly…

…Alternatively, you can order online at (or email)’


…Alternatively, you can leave a message by pressing the star key now and we will get back to you later today’

Some telephone systems offer call position update for example: ‘Thank you for waiting, you are currently 8th in the queue’.

Your voiceover has to be right for your company and the type of business you are in. and there are many different styles of voiceovers for this purpose:

  • Corporate, Formal and Neutral
  • Warm and Friendly
  • Bubbly and Positive
  • Commercial (When you need to add the ‘sell’ into your on hold message.)

Ultimately, it is your company and you need to decide what style is right for you. Here at CMB Voiceovers we pride ourselves in delivering your message. So get in touch today and we will provide a unique professional on hold message that will satisfy your callers and create the right image for your company.

If you require help with writing your script or any other information then please get in touch via our contacts page. 

Please Note: Some telephone systems emphasise bass sounds and beats in music. Please consider this when selecting your background music. Should you choose a music piece that is not suitable for your system we will happily change it for an alternative of your choice free of charge. 


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