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Engaging Voiceovers that Sell

You may not realise it but the reason why a voiceover is chosen for a project is because the client believes that the voiceover will Sell/Promote their products and services.

What should you look for in a Voiceover Artist?

You need someone who understands the brief and what you are trying to achieve. From a Telephony on hold message or Website Audio to Radio and TV Commercials, Video Games, Audio Books and Corporate Videos. They all need the perfect voiceover for the job. The client often has a specific idea of what they want from a voiceover talent; female, male, young, middle age, old, bubbly and lively, natural, conversational, corporate or out and out hard sell.

Many voiceover artists are able to adapt to any given situation and can become the character that is right for the project. It could be a certain accent that is required for the read – French, Yorkshire, Liverpudlian (scouse), Geordie, London, American or Australian the list goes on. Does the voiceover need to be soft and gentle, warm and caring, bold and aggressive, inviting, vulnerable and sexy? All these things have to be taken into consideration. The most important aspect of any voiceover is to be engaging, yes, they must ‘engage’ the listener.

Good voiceover artists build relationships with their clients and are ‘user friendly’, able to get on with the job in hand, take direction and offer suggestions and advice when needed, while staying totally focussed on delivering the perfect voiceover, a voiceover that the client is absolutely delighted with. Professional male and female voiceover artists are worth their weight in gold!

ast, reliable and professional voiceovers service, come to CMB voiceovers, where you receive quality audio and that all-important personal touch. We don’t just deliver voiceovers, we deliver ‘Engaging Voiceovers that Sell’. Both male and female voice over artists available, see our Voiceover Bank for details.

Whatever you’re looking for – TV and radio commercials, continuity and in-store announcements, website audio,telephony – telephone on hold messages, narration, jingles, corporate audio, training videos, imaging and now Estate Agent Videoettes, CMB Voiceovers have the talent with the passion, experience and flexibility to help you deliver your project. a variety of male and female voiceovers available.

Caroline is an Equity member that in itself gives her full professional status and she is able to deliver voiceovers all over the world with no union restrictions.

Please checkout the sample voiceovers page and listen to the quality of tone, diction and character you can expect to receive.

Competitive rates and the option of dry recordings, fully produced studio recordings or a live studio hook-up using the latest IP codec technology and Skype, CMB Voiceovers really is your one-stop-shop.
We look forward to working with you and producing the perfect voiceover for your company.

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Engaging Voiceovers that Sell