There are two schools of thought towards website audio:

1 – Brilliant, it adds a new dimension to a webpage and helps generate sales/interest

2 – Distraction, some people have audio turned off whilst browsing…

The Script is Everything!

A good voiceover talent can make a phone directory sound interesting and I should know, I’ve read a few! BUT a voiceover artist with a great script can make the text zing. They can bring every word to life and have the listener absolutely captivated, wanting to hear more (while clicking the buy button!). It doesn’t matter if the script is hard or soft sell the same principle applies, Every Word Counts!

DIY – Hearing is Believing!

Surly, I could write the script myself and record it using my own voice. It will be great… Well, maybe, but, I’m sure you’ve all seen windows and conservatory commercials or car dealership ads where the owner does their best to deliver the message… Hmm, I will let you draw your own conclusion on that one!

OK, let’s put it to the test: So you have a good education and you know a lot about your product and all you have to do is write a few paragraphs, telling people about your products and services ‘right’…. Well you would think so but it is not always the case and there are many things to take into consideration.

What are you trying to achieve?

Is your message just informative?

Are you selling products or services?

How will people know your website is available?

Are you simply trying to tell people how to improve their lives?

Read Between the Lines!

Professional copywriters earn their living by putting the word ‘sell’ into a script; they make the text interesting, engaging and informative. Good copywriters have honed their skills and can adapt to any given situation. There are some copywriters that specialise in certain areas such as: Medial, Engineering, Sports etc and clients book them because of their experience. Copywriters introduce key words into the script and make the script ‘search engine friendly’ Are you selling a service, product or way of life?

Key Words

How are people going to find you on the Internet? Most people start by entering a question, key words or phrase into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Ask etc and see what results appear. For example if you enter ‘I need a voiceover for telephone on hold messages’ This search question found over 8 million results, so there is a lot of competition out there. Hopefully will be somewhere on the first page simply by relevance to the question and a match of key words.

But there are so many ‘key words’ that people could enter into their search and in many cases may not even be found. In this case Google have a product called ‘Adwords’. This is where you pay Google to make sure you are at the top of the page. If you notice at the very top of each results page on Google there are paid for Ads, normally on a tinted panel and down the right hand side of the page. Google Adwords is a very powerful tool for any advertiser and is a must for people who cannot achieve top listings just by website content.

love hate website audio voiceovers feature

Ok, Ok, ok, you now have your script and a professional voiceover artist/talent has delivered the voice over to perfection, every word, every noun, every adjective is clear and engaging. But how do you get it on your website. This is where the website developers and programmers come in. Everyone plays their part and for website audio to do it’s job then each person down the line has to do theirs.

Let’s look at how many people are in the workflow just to get your website audio live.

  1. The Client (without the client, we are nothing and it is important for everyone to remember this)
  2. The Copywriter (a great script will make the voiceover talents job much easier)
  3. The Voiceover Talent (professional as always, giving consideration to the script, the product and client needs and making every word count.
  4. The website designer (designing an easy to navigate website that flows from page to page.
  5. The website programmer (making the website design work and the audio play on commands or clicks just as the doctor ordered. Making sure the correct formats are used MP3, WAV etc, what media player should be used.
  6. The website hosting company (supplying a 24/7 365 days a year hosting solution with full support, massive bandwidth and they should know their eggs!
  7. The SEO team (Search Engine Optimisation) Delivering high rankings in search engines to match your criteria
  8. The Customer (viewing and listening to your website exactly as the client intended and buying/doing/enjoying the website as it should be.
  9. Did I mention The Milkman, because without the milkman we have no milk for our coffee and without coffee we have no people, no voiceover, just the sound of an electric milk-float disappearing into the distance.

Just for the record, voiceover artists like me work 25/8 366 days a year, there’s no let-up for me and I love it.

So there you have it. Voiceovers on websites do work and work very successfully providing everyone down the line contributes and does their bit in making it happen. If you need a female voiceover for your website audio then I am here to deliver your message. So please get in touch today with details of your project and I will be happy to supply a competitive quotation along with great service and customer satisfaction guaranteed.